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Born and raised in sunny, South Florida, Ashley Kayo Williams has always been a person that "shines." Her brilliant, youthful, yet brash delivery in music embraces and captivates the streets as well as a radio-friendly and targeted audience. Ashley, aka BillyCEO writes about her perspectives on fashion, life, love, laughter, friendships, and jealousy, a viewpoint to which many of her peers and fans can relate. Since the age of 5, BillyCEO quickly showed an interest in music. From performing in front of close friends and relatives to local school talent shows, club performances to the big stages, BillyCEO has already developed a solid fan base, mainly in the Straight and Lgbt communities. She has harnessed a fundamental understanding of her craft and who she is as an Artist, which takes most artists years to develop. "I like Justin Nozuka, Drake, Chris Brown, Lauren Hill, and my absolute favorite artist is My pops Poeetiq. 
I feel that they are just a few of the artists that sing with the same sincerity, realness, and relativity to how I see myself as a performer." says BillyCEO 

Nevertheless, her brand of music is trendsetting, which is quite normal for an artist who is ahead of their time.

The CEO has had plenty of success with viral videos starting with her lesbian Lifestyle remix, Money baby remix,  So gone challenge, and many more. BillyCEO believes her talent, drive, passion, and unending enthusiasm are God's direct gifts to her. Although her lyrics possess somewhat of an arrogant disposition, she remains grounded with the intent to deliver a top-notch niche brand of music.

Her clever wordplay and crafty metaphors appeal to ages 13 through the late '30s.

One radio jock in North Carolina has classified her as a Diamond waiting to shine. "When listening to her rhymes, you can tell right away this young lady is extremely intelligent as well as a gifted artist," says Legend, one of the many producers who witnessed the growth of her talent as it developed over time. Ironically, she has managed to find the right kind of sound that allows you to journey through her world that many would consider being their theme of music. 

Currently, still in her early twenties, BillyCEO is already proving to many that her talent is still growing, and it's incredible. With an array of multi-talented songwriters and producers, including her material, her songs speak today's language without dumbing down to the typical stereotypes. In recent years she has zeroed in on her niche, Hip Hop, Pop, and R & B, self-titled "The Ceo of The South" Nevertheless, she is most deserving of this title in all respect. Interestingly enough, she has already developed a new market and now capitalizing on her craft.

She has performed in many large venues alongside some of the industry's best. Plies, Fat Joe, Fetty Wap, Fabulous, Lil Boosie, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and more. Unlike many of our current young performers whose musical content hinders them from gaining exposure due to their sometimes explicit lyrical content, BillyCEO understands the necessity to clean it up for radio and family-friendly public venues. She says, "After All It's Business". 

In summary, BillyCEO is by far on a path to success, and if she continues at this pace, her future in entertainment is inevitable.

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